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We were inspired by Edward Snowden’s courageous act. He risked his liberty to inform the public about the illegal and immoral spying that was and still is being directed against innocent Americans. But, as we saw the debate play out, almost no one in the media and government was addressing the elephant in the room – that beyond whether certain “war on terror” tactics are effective, when we look at the numbers, we find that terrorism is simply not a grave enough threat to justify the vast sacrifice of money and liberty that we’re making in its name. We detail the numbers on our facts page.

The War On Irrational Fear is a campaign of Incitement Design, a socially conscious creative agency in New York City. Incitement works with organizations, companies, and individuals who are seeking to the make the world a better place, and helps them look really good doing it.

Radical Designs, a web development shop focused on social justice work, did all the back-end web development work. They can be reached at radicaldesigns.org.

The War on Irrational Fear can be reached at waronirrationalfear@gmail.com.

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